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Raise the Bar with My Bar Stools

Whether you need a bar stool for your home bar or counter height stools for your kitchen counter, you’re sure to find just the stool you’ve been looking for from my vast assortment. Not sure which height you need? I have the Ultimate Stool Shopping Guide to help you out!

Bar Stools FAQs

To determine if you need counter height or bar height stools, you’ll need to take some measurements.

If your counter or bar is 35 to 37 inches tall, you need counter height chairs.

If your counter or bar is 41 to 43 inches tall, you need bar height chairs.

A counter bar stool seat will be 23 to 28 inches tall, while the seat of a bar height stool will be 29 to 32 inches tall.

When in doubt, choose one of my adjustable bar stools to give yourself a few inches of leeway!




You might be overwhelmed by the many options to consider when you’re shopping for bar stools. What you should look for depends on how you intend to use the stool and the amount of space you have.

First, decide if you need stools with backs or not. If you need counter height bar stools for your dining table or kitchen island chairs, you’ll probably want backs on your stools so you’ll be comfortable while dining. Backless stools are great for a traditional bar setup.

Next, decide if you want your bar stools to have arms or not. Since bar stools with arms are typically wider, this will often come down to the amount of space you have.

Some final considerations include whether you would like swivel bar stools or not, which again might come down to available space, and whether you would like cushioned seats. Lastly, look for bar stool chairs with a style that goes well with your existing bar or dining room setup.




While there are many ways you can match your bar stools, you might be better off throwing the notion of matching out the window. Nowadays, rather than having perfect matches, you can select complementary items that enhance your overall décor.

For example, an all-white kitchen might benefit from the contrast that natural wood tone kitchen stools bring in, or a wood bar might be enhanced by colorful bar stools. You can also pull from elements throughout your space to tie everything together. Think about your cabinets, hardware finish, drapes or curtains material, countertops, lighting fixtures, etc., and select stools that feature similar elements.




The amount of bar stools you need depends on the length of your bar or counter, how many sides it has and the width of your bar stools.

For bar chairs that are up to 18 inches wide, you should account for about 6 inches of space between each stool.

For bar stools that are over 18 inches wide, or have armrests, you should plan to have about 8 to 10 inches of space between each stool. Once you’ve measured your kitchen island, bar or counter, keep these distances in mind when you’re shopping, and you’ll have a handy guide for how many bar stools you need!