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Slip into a Sweet Slumber with a Stylish Bedroom Set

Transform your bedroom from just a room for sleep to your personal sanctuary with one of my complete bedroom sets. You’ll rest easy knowing that you saved big bucks on the bedroom furniture set of your dreams! Plus, my sets give you plenty of choices to go big on storage or stick to the basics — all at a price you’ll love.

Bedroom Sets FAQs

There are several things you’ll want to consider when choosing a bedroom dresser set. We all have to start somewhere! You can start by setting a budget range and deciding the max amount you’re willing to spend. No matter what your budget is, you’ll also want to measure your room to assess how much space you have for new furniture.

For those who are aesthetically driven (guilty!), you can approach your search for new master bedroom furniture by deciding on the style you want or don’t want. Is white furniture out of the question? Are you going for a traditional or contemporary look? If you know there are certain must-have qualities you’re seeking, use those as a starting point to get going on your search!

Once you’ve figured out what your budget is, how much space you have, and what your preferred style is, you can finalize your search by deciding how much storage space you’ll need. If lack of storage is an issue for you, stick to sets with dresser beds and additional chests of drawers. If it’s not an issue, narrow down your search by bed type or size.

So there you have it, choose your bedroom set based on your desired budget, available space, style preference, storage needs and bed type. No matter what you’re looking for, my bedroom sets are sure to have you covered!




My bedroom sets come with a variety of furniture options. You can choose from simple sets with just a bed and dresser, or sets that come with a bed, dresser, nightstand and additional chest. Other variations include sets that include a mirror or vanity set with stool. You can also select from beds that have built-in storage in the headboard or footboard.

My selection of bedroom sets gives you plenty of choices featuring a variety of included items. Just note that a mattress is not included. However, I’ve got affordable options to get one of those, too!




It’s hard to see how complementary furniture at a great price could ever go out of style! Simply put, bedroom sets are certainly not out of style or outdated. Matching furniture sets are a timeless choice that will always be a classic.

If you're worried about being too matchy matchy, I’ve got sets featuring a bed that’s not an exact match to the dresser or nightstand. Keep in mind too that you can always add in pieces from outside the set to make your bedroom more custom. After all, style is how you make it uniquely yours!




Since bedrooms are primarily for sleeping, first decide where your bed will go. If possible, it’s best to not completely block any windows with the bed. Next, a nightstand is typically placed directly next to the bed near the headboard either on one or both sides.

Depending on the bedroom set you chose and the layout of your room, a dresser or chest will go along one or more walls. Consider placing a mirror on the wall above a dresser or opt for a vanity and stool set. Throw in an area rug under the bed that runs along the sides and foot of the bed, and you’ve got a nice start to your bedroom setup! Select one of my five-piece master bedroom sets and you’ll be well on your way to a complete bedroom — and your own peaceful sleep paradise!