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Buffets, Sideboards & Servers FAQs

Not at all! If you’re adding a new sideboard to your existing dining room or shopping for all new furniture, you don’t have to worry about it being a perfect match to your dining table. Mixing and matching furniture lets you create a custom look that showcases your personal taste. Choose a dining room sideboard that coordinates well with the rest of your furniture and you should be just fine. To guide your selection, look for design elements that tie the two pieces together, such as material, color palette or style; or make a statement with a contrasting color or wood tone.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with matching furniture. My dining room sets have options to furnish the entire room with a table, chairs and server so you don’t have to worry about finding separate pieces.

Placing your dining room buffet near the table allows it to function as a storage compartment for your table and an extra surface when you’re entertaining. However, you’ll still need to ensure there’s enough room to walk between the two pieces of furniture and open the server cabinets or drawers without hitting anything.

If you have ample space, 36 inches is the ideal amount of space between a dining table and buffet. If you are short on space, aim for 18 to 24 inches between the table and sideboard.

Once your beautiful new sideboard is in your home, you’ll want to incorporate it into your space. As with decorating any surface, less is more. You don’t want to add so many things that it becomes cluttered.

Decorative items you can place on your sideboard include framed photos, artwork, candles, flowers, vases, plants, figurines and sculptures. Try grouping three items of varying heights together for a pleasing arrangement. A large mirror or framed artwork can be propped on top of the sideboard table or hung on the wall above it. You’ll also want to consider lighting and add a lamp or two depending on the size of your server and other light sources in the room. Place taller items towards the ends of the buffet server for symmetry and balance.

You can also tailor your decorations to the placement of the sideboard. If it’s in the kitchen or dining room, attractive serving pieces, vintage glassware or cookbooks can be used as décor. In the living room, place books and a record player on top. In an entryway, add a tray to stash your keys and wallet when you walk in the door.