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Coffee Tables: Now with Less Coffee

Despite the name, a coffee table is not just a low table where you keep a cup of joe. Pick a living room table with storage to stash odds and ends. Choose a simple coffee table that lets the rest of your décor shine. Go for a fancy coffee table that says you’ve got style, so you don’t have to! My coffee tables add personality and functionality to the room.

Coffee Tables FAQs

The size of your coffee table will depend on the size of your sofa and the space you are adding it to.

A living room coffee table is usually placed directly in front of a couch, so the size of the table will be relative to the seating. A general guideline is to select a coffee table that is about two-thirds the length of your couch. A coffee table that spans the entire sofa is probably too long, and one that's less than half the length of the couch is probably too small.

The width of your living room table will depend on its placement. Think about what other furniture will potentially surround it and plan accordingly. Also keep in mind the flow of the room and where you’d like to create walking paths. A coffee table that's too wide might overwhelm the room.

The height of your coffee table should typically be about the same as your couch cushions or an inch or two lower.




The space between your coffee table and sofa comes down to allowing enough room to walk between the two pieces of furniture while also keeping the table close enough to still be useful. You don’t want to be forced to crabwalk every time you go to the couch, and you don’t want to completely get up from your comfy spot on the sofa just to grab the remote or your drink!

Aim for about 14 to 20 inches of space between the coffee table and sofa. That should provide the room you need to keep your space functional.




Since a coffee table is generally intended to add convenience and décor to your living space, what goes on it is really up to you.

Feel free to place useful items like remotes, reading materials or coasters on your coffee table, as well as decorative items like vases, small sculptures and a trinket or two. If you’re worried about items accumulating, choose a coffee table with storage or add a stylish tray, box or basket to your table for organization while still keeping items handy.

One thing to probably avoid placing on your coffee table is any device that needs to be plugged in—coffee tables are typically freestanding, and you don’t want to trip on cords running from the center of the room to a wall outlet.




While many people choose to match their coffee table and end tables, there's no rule that says you have to!

It's perfectly acceptable to get a coffee table that complements your end tables and general theme of the room without it being an exact match. You can pair different shapes, colors, finishes or materials and still achieve a cohesive look for your room.

Selecting a coffee table that’s different from your end tables lets you mix up your space, while matching all the tables in a room can simplify the decorating process. However, if you do like the look of matching living room tables, my coffee table sets make it easy to do so!