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Warm Up with a Fireplace TV Stand

Modernity meets convenience with my electric fireplace TV stands. These artificial fireplaces offer tons of options—choose the color and speed of your faux flames, heat or no heat, traditional logs or contemporary glass rocks. Some even come with a built-in Bluetooth soundbar. Did I mention my freestanding fireplaces also have plenty of storage?

Electric Fireplace TV Stand FAQs

They sure do! That’s part of the beauty of an electric fireplace entertainment center—along with the functionality of a traditional media center, you also get the benefits of a freestanding fireplace heater.

My entertainment centers with a fireplace typically provide heat for a 1,000-square-foot-area—enough heat to warm up a good-sized living room.

Control the heat settings with the included remote and feel free to turn down the thermostat since the fireplace stand will help warm things up! As the temperatures rise outside, you still have the option of enjoying the look of a cozy fireplace without the heat.




My fireplace media consoles are energy efficient and green. They use about the same amount of electricity as any space heater but are a lot more attractive! Since an artificial fireplace provides supplemental heat, you can lower the thermostat and save money on your central heating costs. Sounds like a win-win to me!




A fireplace media console is completely safe. With no actual flames like a wood-burning fireplace, you don’t need to worry about smoke filling the room, hot embers or sparks potentially flying out or any of the other concerns that come with a wood or gas heating source.

The flames may look realistic, but touching them would be the same as touching your TV! The only part of the TV fireplace that gets hot is the heating element, which is enclosed. The heat that blows out is no hotter than a hair dryer.

It’s also safe to place your TV on an entertainment stand with a fireplace or mounted above it. The free standing electric fireplace doesn’t require venting and the heat blows directly from the front, so it won’t create any problems for a TV.