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Outdoor Rugs FAQs

Once you have the backyard setup of your dreams, you’ll want to make sure your outdoor rug doesn’t blow away. Weighing down the rug with furniture is probably the easiest way of doing this. Just like with indoor area rugs, placing at least two legs of your outdoor chairs or sofa on the rug is an ideal way to situate the carpet while also keeping it pinned down. If you have an outdoor dining table or coffee table on top of your rug, that’s even better. You can also use potted plants for this or use a mix of plants and furniture to keep the rug in place.

If objects on your rug aren't quite the look you want, try using carpet adhesives. These types of rug anchors are usually double-sided tape or velcro and go on the bottom of the rug to secure it to the floor. Versions specifically for outdoor use are available.

For softer surfaces like wood or dirt, carpet stakes can keep an outdoor rug in place. You can buy these or make them yourself with washers and screws.

Mold will not grow on the synthetic material that outdoor rugs are made from because it is designed to be mold resistant. However, mold can still possibly grow on dirt trapped within the carpet, which is why regular care is so important.

Along with vacuuming or sweeping your rug to remove dirt, be sure to dry it completely when it gets soaked. Hanging the rug in the sun is ideal, but if you can’t do that, dry it on a flat, sloped surface like a driveway. Flip it over to make sure both sides are dry.

You can further reduce the possibility of mold growth by storing the rug during snowy or wet months. Let it fully dry, roll it up and wrap it in a tarp or plastic until you’re ready to use it again, and your outdoor rug will be in great shape come spring or summer!

No! With proper care, an outdoor rug will not damage a wood deck. Water is typically the culprit when it comes to wood deck damage, but if you follow my advice for maintaining your outdoor rug, you’ll be on the right track to maintaining a beautiful deck too!

My outdoor rugs are already quick to drain water because of their synthetic material but add a perforated rug pad to help them drain even more. Any time you think the deck rug might be fully soaked, hang it up to dry completely. That’s really it folks, simply preventing your deck from having a soaking wet carpet on it for extended periods of time will avoid any damage.