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Sleep Tight with a Bedside Table

When you’re going to sleep, you sure require a lot of accompanying items! You need a nightstand to stash your glasses, phone, water, table lamp, alarm clock, book and whatever else is part of your bedtime routine. My nightstands with drawers give you a place for everything and storage to keep it out of sight. Built-in USB ports make sure you wake up fully charged!

Nightstands FAQs

Nightstands should be about the same height as your mattress. Since the purpose of a bedside table is to keep things you might need nearby, a height more than a few inches taller or shorter than the mattress will not provide the best functionality, especially if you’re fumbling around in the dark!

My nightstands range from about 22 to 30 inches tall, and come in a variety of styles and finishes, so you can find the one that’s perfect for your bedroom.




While matching dressers and nightstands are a classic choice, they don’t have to match at all. As with any furniture in your home, you should select pieces that complement each other and enhance the overall décor. Incorporating similar details throughout your bedroom furniture, like the same hardware finish or type of material, may help you achieve a custom look that’s not an exact match.

You can also create contrast by selecting nightstands and dressers that are seemingly opposites. For example, pair white nightstands with a black dresser, or a colorful dresser with natural wood nightstands. On the other hand, if you do like the ease of matching furniture, my bedroom sets make it simple to find coordinating pieces.




Having two nightstands is completely optional. If you’re a solo sleeper or simply don’t have enough room, one nightstand will work! For some, the symmetrical appearance of two bedside tables is a must, but for others it comes down to storage. However, if these aren’t concerns for you, there’s no need for two nightstands. If you’re tight on space, consider a short dresser that can double as one of your bed tables.




Nightstands have a relatively small surface, so restraint is key when deciding what to put on it. Some of your essential items, like a lamp, vase, alarm clock or candle, can do double duty if you choose stylish versions of them. Aim for less than three decorative items for your bedroom end table in order to avoid clutter that can be distracting when you’re trying to sleep.

If you have many items you like to keep handy, choose a nightstand with storage to keep them nearby but hidden. A small tray or box can also keep things tidy. Adding pictures or mirrors to the wall above your nightstand is another way to decorate without taking up limited surface space.