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You Deserve to Spend Your "Me" Time in a Recliner Chair

Chances are you spend most of your day on your feet or sitting at a 90-degree angle in front of a computer. That’s a major bummer for your tired body! When you finally have some free time, you’ve earned the right to be comfortable and in a reclined position! My Bob’s living room recliners are perfect for watching TV, reading and even taking a little cat nap! Once you choose from my manual and power recliners, you’ll be enjoying the peak of relaxation!

Recliners FAQs

A recliner may look comfy, but you’ll never know until you test it out. How does it feel when you sit on it? If your answer is some version of relaxation, then you're on the right track!

A recliner is mostly about comfort, but it still needs to fit your room. An oversized recliner may allow you to sprawl out, but it can also take up a lot of space. Pro tip: know how much room you have to work with before you begin your search.

My Bob’s recliner chairs come in several sizes and fabrics, so consider the type of material and the look that matches your decor.

There are also manual and power options. Some are stationary, while others can swivel or rock. Do you prefer a leather rocker recliner or one of a different fabric? These are all options to consider as you search for your perfect combination of style and comfort.

The main purpose of the recliner should also factor into your choice. Are you looking for a TV recliner, or will it be used primarily for reading or playing games? Will you be sharing it – willingly or unwillingly – with a pet? Then maybe you’d benefit from a wide recliner!

Also, be sure to check out additional perks like lumbar support, cup holders, Bluetooth speakers, and massage and heat capabilities. Some also feature lay-flat recline for that dreamy, drool-inducing nap. My favorite kind!




There are pros and cons to both power and manual recliners.

The main advantage of a power recliner is ease of use – instant relaxation at the press of a button! Unlike manual chairs that typically have one position, power recliners often have several settings to maximize comfort.

Power recliners do rely on a motor, so you’ll want to test it out and make sure it’s not too noisy! Another thing to keep in mind is that power recliners need to be near a power outlet, so it may limit where you can place them in your home.

On the other hand, manual recliners rely on a lever or your body weight to recline the chair. They tend to be less bulky and can often look like an accent chair. Since they don’t require a power source, they can be placed almost anywhere. When testing out manual recliners, make sure the lever or handle is easy to use!




Power recliners can be especially difficult to move since they include mechanical parts. But that’s no reason to put a damper on your plans! You can disassemble almost all recliners for easy transport.

Before taking it apart, make sure the power recliner is unplugged. Start by looking at the back of the chair. Often, there is a fabric flap that covers the parts needed to disassemble. There may also be a release lever on the back or underneath the chair that aids in the removal of the seat back. So, there ya go! Not too difficult!




Good news! Recliners are super comfortable and can be great for your back. Seriously, it’s been researched. Sitting at a 135-degree angle is actually the best position for your back because it puts less stress on the spine.

Still, you’ll want to examine the recliner chair closely if you have a history of back pain. Is there a gap where the back and the seat meet? If so, the chair may not provide enough lumbar support.

It’s essential that you find a recliner that fits your body. If you find yourself leaning forward or slouching when you’re testing out that new recliner in the store, you may be putting undue stress on your back.

For added comfort, check out my recliners with Bob-O-Pedic Memory Foam. These recliners are meant to conform to your body and provide an extra layer of support!